Seasonal Lawn Care Tips 

​Many of the lawn services we offer at Case Landscaping can be done year round. However, there are some that may be more effective and beneficial in certain times of the year. As residents in and around Winston Salem NC know, the weather is drastically different depending on the time of year. For the convenience of our customers, we have compiled a list of landscaping suggestions and tips on which lawn care services are best for the different seasons of the year. 


The time to step back and appreciate the newly bloomed flowers in your yard after the bare winter.

Fertilization: Spring is a great time to seed, fertilize, and lime your yard since the temperatures are moderate and there is frequent rain.

Mowing: It is common to have to mow frequently during spring. Having your yard striped and manicured will have others envious.

Sod Installation: The grass that is installed has a great chance of survival in this time of year.


The time to enjoy swimming pools, back yard barbecues, and fireworks in your nicely kept yard.

Mowing: During the summer months, it is often warmer and drier than other times of the year. We suggest raising the blades on the lawn mower to keep your lawn looking healthy in these conditions.

Irrigation: In the hot summer months, your lawn can become dry. Installing an irrigation system can ensure that your lawn will receive adequate water and look healthy all summer long. 

Herbicide: Summer is also a great time of year to spray for broad leaf weeds to make your yard look better. 


The time to embrace the cooling temperatures and the tree leaves changing color in your yard.

Fertilization: The fall is also a great time to seed, fertilize, and lime as temperatures become moderate.

Tree Work: Fall is a great time for tree removal and tree trimming. You can have an entire tree removed or have your shrubs and trees trimmed back to keep them healthy.

Fallen Leaves: It is recommended that leaves be removed or mulched up into the yard. Leaving dense piles of leaves can restrict sunlight to your grass and leave yellow spots in your yard. 


The time to sit back and enjoy the snow, hot chocolate, and the Holidays from inside!

Natural Areas: ​This is a great time to freshen up your natural areas by having new pine needles, mulch, or brick chips put down. 

Tree Work: ​​The winter is a great time to have trees removed or pruned. We can also remove any leftover fallen leaves that may still be around from fall. 

Hardscapes: ​Hardscape construction can be done anytime of the year. Have a retaining wall or patio built in the winter so your lawn will be ready for the fun activities when spring comes.

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