When it comes to natural areas, we understand that sometimes it is difficult to decide on the design you want. That is why we begin every job with the option of having us design an area for you. We value the opportunity to work with our customers to fulfill their wants. If you already have a plan or want to adjust the one we make, that is fine too. Providing our customers with the premium landscaping and high satisfaction is our goal!

"The natural area that Case Landscaping installed for me really completes the look of my yard."

     - T. Carroll, valued customer in Winston Salem, NC

Natural Areas 

Some customers prefer to go beyond lawn maintenance to make their yards look immaculate. Natural areas can be a great addition to complement your lawn care package. 

We offer a broad list of landscaping choices for natural areas. We can remove and install flowers,shrubs, and small trees of any kind. We can also lay pine needles, mulch, and brick chips. If you are looking for a nice addition to your yard that will make it stand out, then a natural area may be right for you!

About Us

Case Landscaping was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing customers with excellent landscaping, and more importantly, customer satisfaction. The growth of the company has allowed us to offer full service lawn care including: mowing, fertilization, natural area design and installation, tree removal, hardscape design and construction, and sod installation. Thank you for choosing Case Landscaping and please explore the site to learn more about the services we offer and to get an idea for your yard! 

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